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Local Love For Jill Yoga

I’m all for discovering new activewear and when I do, you better believe I will tell you about it. What’s more, when a brand is local to Toronto then it's really caught my attention.

I love supporting local Canadian brands especially those that promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire fam. Say hello to Jill Yoga activewear! Aside from being a Toronto brand (which I love), I was really drawn to all the vibrant and bold colors right off the bat. If you know me, you’ll notice that we lack a little color in our workout wardrobe, so this line really brought life to our closet! Seriously, if you look at previous pics you will notice a whole lot of black. Boring, I know ... but not anymore!

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The Benefits of the (Baby) Cobra

I'm no yogi, but the cobra pose is a move that we love! It helps alleviate back pain and helps to stretch out our abdomen muscles. This is a mommy approved move, but of course always get approval from your doctor and/or pelvic floor physiotherapist! This pose, otherwise known as bhujangasana or the snake pose, not only helps relieve pain in the back, but it also helps with uneasiness in the muscles of the neck and abdomen. I should also mention that the cobra pose helps to manage stress, anxiety and depression!

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Happy Long Weekend!

Mommy survived an intense yoga class today (definite love/hate relationship) - thank you @chi_junky. I am a newbie when it comes to yoga, but I've noticed that in addition to my gym and home workouts, yoga has not only improved my flexibility and strength, but it continues to teach me to calm my mind in a chaotic world! And as a mom, sometimes everyday can feel like complete chaos. 

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