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The Evolution of No Tummy Mommy

Today is No Tummy Mommy’s 4-year Blogiversary! I’ve learned so much through this journey. I’ve connected with so many people and it has been a busy ride with ups and down, but an amazing ride to say the least. Read on for the short of the long story of No Tummy Mommy’s evolution over the years. Sure, I sleep a little less and work a whole lot more, but I am so grateful. My hands are full, but my heart is fuller! 

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I Said YES to Cord Blood and Tissue Banking

We opted to bank baby #2’s cord blood and cord tissue and to be honest, I really didn’t know much about the benefits of banking 5 years ago, which is why we hadn’t gone this route with Harper. However, this time around, Americord had recently launched here in Canada and I was given the opportunity to have a more thorough discussion with experts at Americord about the benefits. As a result, there was no doubt in my mind than to say YES to cord blood and tissue banking. Read on to learn more about why we made this choice.

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Look & Feel Your Best This Festive Season

I love the holidays, but sometimes it can be challenging to keep fitness goals in check. Staying active during this season is the best way to keep off that “festive 15”. My mini is one to be up for any kind of outdoor play despite the weather and I’m usually the one to opt for an indoor sweat session instead. I’ve teamed up with Sport Chek to share some quick tips to help you look and feel your best this holiday season (all while staying on track with your fitness). 

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