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Living My Best (and Healthiest Mat-Leave) Life Ever!

I was motivated by a mommy friend, Ronit from @leagueofmoms, to write this post after she spoke at the MOMSTO Wine Festival last month. And since I’ve been on maternity leave now for seven months it feels like the right time to share my story and how I’ve been living my best and healthiest mat-leave life too. Plus, as cliché as it sounds, time if flying by all too fast! I’ve tried my hardest to make the most of each day, but #MomLife often gets the best of me. With that said, here are my tips to making the most of my mat leave, as well as the real deal when it comes to doing so!

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My Journey From Bump to Baby

As many of you have read in my posts, my journey to baby #2 was not an easy one. WhenFirst Response asked to interview me to dig deeper into my story, as part of the “This is My Journey” campaign with Today’s Parent, I knew it would bring out a lot of emotions. This campaign is intended to share women’s unique pregnancy journeys to help provide support to other women and families to know they’re not alone. My first pregnancy was so much different than my second, which I could never have been prepared for, so wanted to share my story to help others.

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Exercise Your Baby’s Brain Muscles!

When I had my second baby, this passion to bond through music continued. This time I was introduced to an amazing new musical app called Smart Start. It combines The Royal Conservatory’s internationally acclaimed early childhood music programs with the latest findings in neuroscience research. My kind of combination! What’s more, I didn’t have to leave my home to experience its benefits. It’s literally like having a music class in my pocket!

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