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The 21 Beautiful Mornings Project

SLEEP. Such a foreign and forgotten word (mamas, am I right?!). Twenty-one days ago marked Daylight Savings and as most of you know, that time shift can sometimes make or break us! With that said, it was on this day that I announced that I had teamed up with @Philips to experience their Wake-Up Light – Harper and I received our own lights to try and I really didn't know what to expect. On November 4th we took on the #21BeautifulMornings Project and I made sure to share all the results on the blog! Click the link to read all the details.  #PhilipsCanada

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New Year, New Sleep Habits and Newfound Energy!

Resolutions are in full swing and I’m sure getting into optimal shape is a priority for you. But there’s also no better time to shape up your sleep routine and improve your energy levels too! Read my tips to help you up your sleep and energy game; plus I’ve partnered with Jamieson Canada to help shed some light on the benefits of Vitamin B12 and Melatonin and how these two supplements can support this goal. Please note that melatonin should NOT be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding and you should always consult your healthcare provider prior to taking B12 and/or melatonin. 

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