You are the Bubbles To My Bath

Wouldn’t you agree that a baby’s first bath is so memorable?  I will always remember both Harper and Noa’s at the hospital. The nurse was so confident holding my teeny, tiny baby while teaching me step by step how I would do bath time when I got home. Even the second time around with Noa, I was still nervous. I will also never forget that both their first baths were with JOHNSON’S®

In fact, I was not surprised when I learned that 76% of babies born in Canada have their first bath with JOHNSON’S® Head to Toe and this stat hasn’t changed for many years. What has changed is that JOHNSON’S® has reformulated their products, inside and out, to set a new standard for gentle.


JOHNSON’S® listened to parents from all over the world and improved all of their washes, lotions and hair products. This truly is a transformation worth talking about. Today, their products continue to deliver superior benefits with a more delightful experience, which embraces complete ingredient transparency, including fragrances and simpler formulas with fewer, more natural ingredients. I am proud to say I am an official Ambassador for JOHNSON’S® and I can’t wait to share with you how JOHNSON’S® has raised the bar when it comes to what is best for my baby and yours.


Choose Gentle

If there’s one thing I love about JOHNSON’S®, it’s that is their mission is to create the gentlest baby products in the world. Both my daughters have sensitive skin and it’s impressive that JOHNSON’S® products are so mild that they can be used for both Harper (5-years old) and Noa (6-months old). As a mother, I am committed to using quality products on their skin and it made a difference to me knowing that “GENTLE” was the center of JOHNSON’S® mission statement.

In today’s day and age, it is common to worry about what we are feeding our children, but also what we are putting on their skin. As I continued to learn more about JOHNSON’S® transformation, I felt confident with my decision to partner with JOHNSON’S®, as well as use the product on both Harper and Noa.

 Wash Your Worries Away

It really hit home when reading JOHNSON’S® Promises and I’m sure you will feel the same. There is a promise for every baby finger and here they are:

1.    Never Stop Raising the bar

2.    Only Use Purposeful Ingredients

3.    Be Open and Honest

4.    Think Like a Parent First

5.    Help Make the World a Gentler Place

There is already so much to worry about as a mother, so it’s just nice to know that JOHNSON’S® is doing what they can to help ease some of this worry. Thank you!


Bath Time is Bonding Time

There is something about bath time that I enjoy and it goes beyond seeing Noa all cute covered in suds. Our bath and bedtime routine is our bonding time. I have been using JOHNSON’s COTTON TOUCH baby wash lately for her bath, which is actually blended with real cotton and made with naturally derived ingredients. It is clinically proven to be gentle enough for newborns! Following her bath, I always give her a gentle massage using  JOHNSON’S® COTTON TOUCH Face and Body Lotion or JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME Lotion

The COTTON TOUCH Collection

I wanted to take a moment to elaborate a bit more on this collection because it is what I’ve been using and I find the product so fascinating. It was designed with baby’s delicate skin in mind and as mentioned, it is made with real cotton. What’s more, there are no parabens, phthalates or sulfates. Read more about COTTON TOUCH here.

Bath time is probably my most favourite part of our day. There is so much I love about this stage and I wish I could slow down time just so that I could enjoy it a little more. The quote, “The days are long, but the years are short”by Gretchen Rubin is so true. Before I know it, baby Noa won’t need me to hold her up in the bath or to wash her hair and body (*tear). So knowing this, I enjoy every moment and hold every gentle touch close to my heart.


Photography by Leon Chai