About ME 

My name is Trisha Enriquez and I'm a Toronto native with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. I'm a certified Nutrition and Weight-Loss Coach and Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist. In a nutshell, I try and make losing weight and getting fit for mommies not only doable, but fun! In addition to my specialized training in Post-Natal Yoga, I'm also an official Bellies Inc. trainer which allows me to be more focused in core rehabilitation, pelvic floor health, and diastasis recti. I'm so grateful that mothers from different parts of the world have been successful with their “No Tummy Mommy” plans and for this reason, I have continued to try and build programs that help women feel their happiest and healthiest after having a baby.

As a Human Biology graduate from the University of Toronto, I have a strong scientific foundation of the human anatomy and physiology. Furthermore, I do have years of experience working for some of North America’s largest sports supplement companies, managing the branding and marketing for various female weight-loss products. I'm fortunate enough to have articles published in some of the most popular health magazines on store shelves today, including Fitness Magazine, Oxygen, Fitness Rx, and Muscle & Fitness Hers. 

But my most important job to date is being a mother. 

I hope you can view me as an advocate for positive health and trust me to provide you with fitness and nutrition coaching, from one mother to another, to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your postpartum body.