We just got home from an incredible trip to Antigua! After the whole issue of losing out on travelling two weeks ago due to my mini's expired passport, this trip was definitely necessary!

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet and simply just share how we stayed active and healthy in Antigua. Yes, we relaxed by the beach a whole lot and yes, we had french fries and ice cream, but we ate healthy the majority of the time and still maintained a very active routine while on the island. 

Here are 3 things we did to stay fit while away:

1. Walk the walk. 

We always went for a walk after breakfast and before hitting the beach. 

2. Swim, don't Stand. 

It's easy to just stand in the ocean or pool with you child all day long, but kick it up a notch and swim with your mini or tread water as she plays in the water with you. You will burn way more calories than just standing around! Better yet, try some of the water sports ... we sure did!! She loved kayaking!

3. Nap Time Sweat. 

The sun can really tire out a baby, so it's likely they will get a nap in during the day. Take this opportunity to do a workout in the room while they sleep - even a 10 minute circuit will do the job and help keep vacation bloating at bay!

3 ways to eat clean on vacay:

1. Drink Wisely.

Do enjoy the all-inclusive bar, but void sugary daiquiris and empty calorie drinks like sodas and juices. Stick to your good ol' classics and when all else fails, mommy's favourite (wine) is always available. 

2. Grilled over Fried. 

All-inclusive vacations often serve a ton of deep fried and over battered food at the buffet. Opt for grilled fish or chicken and consider the a la carte restaurants over the buffet to avoid overeating. 

3. Hello, Fresh Fruit! 

It's incredible the amount of exotic fruit you can enjoy at the buffet. Take advantage of it because it's not everyday you can eat fresh mango and pineapple. Instead of the boxed brownie dessert, say hello to the fresh fruit instead!

Hope this short post gives you some insight into our little getaway to Antigua and helps you make better choices when you jet off on your next vacation! Happy Travels!