12-Week NTM Progress Update - Cheyenne

WOW! Cheyenne is a 23-year old mother of 2 who came to me after struggling with another program that had on her too little calories and not a lot of guidance. We won't get into a lot of detail about which program she was following, but what Cheyenne needed was a customized plan that made sense for her life ... and her life only! Together we explored the best choices and tools she needed to achieve the results she wanted before returning to work from mat leave.

In 12-weeks, with a customized eating plan and only 20-minute home workouts, she has significantly tightened and toned her body and lost a total of 15 inches! Most importantly, she is a happier and healthier mom! Yes, she had cravings and she treated herself when she needed to. But because her NTM plan was designed specifically for her, she did not feel like she was on a restrictive diet. Her plan included foods she was already eating and enjoying previously. Needless to say, I'm so proud of her progress and so excited for what's to come for Cheyenne. 

Stay tuned for more on her transformation.