Watch No Tummy Mommy on Cityline!

I am so proud of my mini and her very first TV appearance on Cityline. We had such a blast and I have to say I was probably more nervous than she was. Check out the segment here.

Tracy Moore is not only an awesome host, but she's also a fit mom of two! We talked about some basic exercises you can do at home WITH you little one. And the key message was to "just go with it". There are days when my daughter is all about working out and there are other days she is just not having it. 

Here is a brief overview of the exercises we touched on in the CityLine segment that aired last Wednesday July 19th. 

1. The Squat

This is the best booty-building move in the business. And for us moms, it's an important one because a lot of us suffer from the non-existent "mom bum". This typically starts to happen in pregnancy when our centre of gravity is shifted and we often counterbalance this shift with thrusting our hips forward and tucking our tailbone. That's why it's so important to have strong glutes to help keep our body in alignment and to avoid that clenched mom butt. As you squat and push through your heels. Don't forget to breathe throughout the movement - inhale on the way down and exhale as you rise. Your pelvis should be in a neutral position and if you can handle the challenge, hold your child for the added resistance.

2. The Biceps Curl 

All moms dream of tight and toned arms like celebrity moms Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker. With this simple move, use your child as a weight and curl them up towards you and lower for as many reps as possible. Keep your abs/core tight to protect your back. Of course, this move is a lot easier when your baby is actually a baby! With my mini, I can now get about 3-5 reps and then I rest for 30 seconds and repeat.

3. The Plank 

This move is a great move for your WHOLE body and not just your core. Remember to keep your body aligned and not allow your hips to sag towards the floor. If you have a newborn, lay them on their back below you and steal kisses while you hold and breathe through the plank. With toddlers, they often like to climb on your back as you do this move - only perform this if you have a strong core and pelvic floor!

4. The Glute Bridge 

It's another move to help lift the mom booty, but also targets the hamstrings. This exercise is a lot easier than it looks. Start with knees bent and hip-distance apart. Lift your hips towards the ceiling and drive through your heels. As you get stronger, you can add resistance by having your child sit on your pelvis. 

And if all else fails, have a dance party with your mini to burn off some extra calories!!

Thanks everyone for supporting us on our first CityLine appearance. We hope that we will be back on set in the very near future!!