Priceless Perks of Motherhood

Happy Heart

This year was a little different than previous years because two days ago my daughter had a heart procedure completed at Sick Kids for a condition called Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), which is basically an unclosed hole in the aorta. This opening allows oxygen-rich blood from the aorta to mix with oxygen-poor blood from the pulmonary artery. This can put strain on the heart and increase blood pressure in the lung arteries. I am so grateful she is recovering nicely and already back to her energetic self. Doctor's orders include a lot of quiet time with no active play. Spending the day at home is a perfect Mother's Day in my eyes. 


Being a WE Families Ambassador is a very important role to me not just on Mother's Day, but all year round. I was asked in a recent interview by the WE Movement what is the most important role as a mother and among the most important roles of a mother is the call to nurture and influence. Our children are always watching how we act in the home, how we speak and take care of family and others, as well as actions we perform in the community. We have the power to create compassionate children simply by showing them that every day is an opportunity to give back in small, meaningful ways; as a result we can build a better world. Read the full story here.

Make Memories

My daughter is 4 now and I don't know where the time went. That's why making little (or big) memories every day is so important. We just shared our very first commercial we did with Garnier and we are so happy that we have this video to look back on. It was an incredible experience and I am so proud of my little girl! 

Today and Always

She made me a mama and I can't imagine my life any other way! There are endless and priceless perks of being a mom. 5 notable mentions are the following:

1. Pure Joy - watching a child enjoy simple things and learn something new each day brings an unexplainable joy to anyone's heart.

2. Healing - her laugh just makes everything better.

3. Reflection - children remind you just what is important in life. 

4. Sharing Moments - when your child feels happiness, you feel it too. Best. Feeling. Ever.

5. Purpose - there is no greater purpose in life. She gives me reason to keep going!