Love is in the Hair

mother and daughter

I don’t know about you, but mornings can be pretty hectic in our household. On a good day, I wake up earlier to get in a workout and I’m starting breakfast before she is even up. However, on most days our place is turned upside down because the dog needs to get walked, smoothies or overnight oats are taken to go, I’ve tried on 10 outfits for work and the mini is fussing about her hair. Welcome to mom life. 

Long Hair, Don’t Care.

I can’t blame my daughter when it comes to being dramatic about hair because I am guilty of that too. Listen, we both have super long hair and if it’s not done in the morning it can make for a crazy hair day ahead. With that said, we’ve teamed up with Goody as an official ambassador and now I can share some of my tips and tricks when it comes to our morning hair routine! I promise to keep it simple and mom-friendly because time is of the essence when it comes to getting everyone out the door! 

Tips to Manage Morning Hair Madness

Before I get into my fave styles, here are just a few tips to up your hair game and tackle morning hair madness with ease:

1.     Hair Health. Get a trim regularly to get rid of split ends that break your hair. This will result in more shine, volume and smoothness.

2.     Natural Oils. Brushing your hair is actually great for spreading some of your natural hair oils. It’s also awesome for increasing circulation to maintain scalp health. On this note, read #3.

3.     Your Hairbrush Matters. I used to think I could use any random brush, but boy was I wrong. Try the Goody Ouchless Girls Hairbrush. It’s seriously one of the best brushes when it comes to detangling – so gentle and definitely no tears as a result!

4.     Work with Dry Hair. Always make sure your daughter’s hair is dry before you start trying to put it up. This minimizes damage and makes it easier to work with.

5.     No Metal Elastics. Do yourself a favour and don’t skip this step. Period. Goody has a huge selection with every colour under the sun; the Ouchless No Metal Elastics are the best!

6.     Invest in Accessories. This will make your life easier because there are tons out there that can help you create an outrageous hairdo without all the complications. Check out the Simple Styles Kits by Goody!  


I love that my daughter has long hair because I can get creative with so many looks. Here are my three go-to hairstyles for my daughter that I’m still obsessing over. Again, these are mommy friendly so make sure you give them a try on your mini!

1. The Fishtail Braid

This is my favourite style for my daughter because it takes the traditional braid up a notch. I use the Goody Simple Styles Kit for the Fancy Fishtail to take this look to another level.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Divide hair into two sections down the back. Secure top portion, then with Goody’s Simple Styles Fancy Fishtail Kit use elastic at the top of the braid maker to secure the bottom half.

Step 2: take the top section of hair and split, pull one section through first opening then take the second section and pull through the same opening crossing over the first section.

Step 3: Slide bead to secure each section and continue through the length of the braid. Secure end with polyband elastic. 

Time: 5 minutes max.

2. Trendy Topknot Bun

The topknot has been hot for the last few seasons and it’s still going strong. I love when little girls rock this look!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Make it a high pony. Gather all of her hair and pull it into a high pony. On the last loop of the Ouchless No Metal Elastic, leave the ends out.   

Step 2: Use Goody Mini Spin Pin Luxe and gather those loose ends. Leave no hair behind. Don’t stress about making it perfect – they’re kids and plus, a messy topknot is ‘the look’.

Step 3: Mess it up to whatever degree you desire. Your daughter will probably mess it up too throughout the day, but this is your chance to tousle up her hair before she’s off to school.

 Time: 2 minutes.

3. Half Up Half Down

This is one of my number 1 go-to styles especially when my daughter doesn’t want to sit for more than a minute. Celeb mommies like Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen brought this look back with vengeance. It has become a mommy favourite due to its simplicity. Plus, it already reminds me of a look made for a little girl! 

Here’s how:

Step 1: section your daughter’s hair off at her temples, not as low as her ears. Using a Goody No Metal Elastic, pull and tie it up into a ponytail. Keep it loose and not too tight against the top of her head. That’s it.

Time: 1 minute max.

Always have a Goody Hair Day!

Partnering up with Goody has been a fun experience because it allows us to give you a glimpse into a different part of our life. Our morning routine is not perfect, but we manage to get out the door with decent hair and a protein smoothie in hand. We are having such a blast working with Goody that I can’t wait to share our workout hair regimen. It’s coming soon, so stay tuned!

Photography by: Jeremie Dupont

Makeup by: Jennifer Balance