Share Your Heart with WWF - Canada

As you know, we make health a priority in our home, but I do emphasize the importance of the health of our Earth and all life on our beautiful planet! Our health truly does go beyond our household and as her mother I want raise a compassionate and caring child who not only wants to take care of herself, but also others (animals and our planet included)!

 In fact, my daughter Harper is an animal lover so when we heard about the "Share Your Heart" campaign with WWF - Canada, we wanted to get involved! This is such a great way to give back. I explained to her how it works - that by adopting a cuddly wildlife plush, we are supporting WWF-Canada's conservation effort and helping wildlife thrive! 

 Plus it's also perfect timing with the holidays upon us - it's a great gift that can help make a difference around the world! If you're interested in symbolically adopting a species at risk or considering a gift for a loved one, be sure to check out the shop here.

We chose to symbolically adopt the Caribou which goes nicely with the festive time of the year, but more importantly to help support WWF-Canada and its consideration efforts to protect species at risk, like barren-ground caribou. It's also a nice touch that with each adoption, you get a personalized adoption certificate and a poster that speaks to all the details about the animal you’ve just adopted.

For example, did you know that caribou are ancient members of the deer family and are actually one of the most challenging of all species to conserve? Climate change, industrial development, and overhunting are the biggest threats that some caribou herds in Canada are faced with!

 Some other interesting facts about the caribou and the role of WWF-Canada include:

  • While more commonly known as caribou in North America, reindeer and caribou are actually the same species. Be sure you tell the kiddies that Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph are actually caribou!

  • Reindeer travel up to 55 km per day and at a top speed of 80 km/h. 

  •  WWF-Canada’s Arctic program helps protect migratory tundra caribou calving areas by providing input into land use plans, funding surveys to track the population status of the herds, speaking up on specific projects that threaten them, and partnering with companies who are changing their operations to ensure the protection of this iconic Canadian species.

These cute wildlife plush are a perfect gift for all the little ones in our extended family, so we'll be looking at getting a few more adoption kits to put under the tree. You can also symbolically adopt a caribou or one of the other 30 awesome species at Use the code 'notummymommy' for 10% off! It is such a great way to feel good about gift giving!! Happy adopting, mamas!