Chiro Care For Mamas

I had my first chiro appointment with the talented and beautiful Dr. Aliya Visram and I felt amazing after. I knew going into this that I was poorly aligned and that my day job, which requires me to drive most of the day, left me with bad posture! 

Dr. Aliya Visram is so knowledgeable and with each adjustment, I felt comfortable and calm. I had never experienced such incredible release. 

Some people ask, "Why Get Chiro Adjustments":

There are a few reasons why and I wish I knew this before because I would have definitely been seeing Dr. Visram a lot earlier.

  1. Poor posture can cause severe misalignment.
  2. Low-back pain can be improved by regular chiropractic appointments. 
  3. Headaches are one of the most common conditions managed by chiropractors. Adjustments have bene shown to initiate headache relief! Who knew?
  4. Reduce colic and ear infections. After a few visits, studies have show near complete resolution of ear infections and colic. 
  5. Improved athletic performance. Chiropractic care enhances personal and athletic performance by boosting your immune system, reducing inflammatory cytokines, enhancing pulmonary function, relieving muscle tension and naturally improving your energy levels. Amazing!

Dr. Visram gave me a bit of work to do at home to help stretch out my lower and upper back and ways to keep my shoulders aligned. I am definitely making Chiropractic care a staple in my fitness and health routine. Now time to stretch ..