Go With the GLOW


As I’ve gotten older, building healthy habits has become a bigger priority for me. Whether it is opting for the salad instead of the fries as my side, sleeping before midnight instead of scrolling on my phone or waking up earlier than my alarm to get in a workout, I have made a conscience decision to choose better … because let’s face it, I just feel better and I’m happier as a result. And who doesn’t want to be happier? Committing to a solid skincare routine was also no exception to this evolution.

When I agreed to partner with Olay over a year ago, there was no hesitation because healthy skin holds even more significance now that I’m in my thirties. I know Olay is a trusted brand that delivers results.


Grow up and Glow Up!

When it comes to glowing skin, there are certain things that you just can’t compromise on. Here are just 6 things you can do to help you sport healthier skin. Some you may have heard a million times in your lifetime and some might be new, but there is no better time than now to make a commitment to these tips.

1.     Water is Life. Literally.

Sure, you’ve heard this all before, but it’s true - staying hydrated with lots of water will make all the difference in your skin. So don’t take this tip lightly because you’ve already heard it all before. Time to fill ‘er up!

2.     Be Great in Bed … Meaning Sleep Early!

Kick that habit of three coffees in the morning and hit the sack early instead. Being well rested and sleeping at a consistent time each night can do wonders for your skin!

3.     Sweat & Sparkle.

Believe it or not, exercise can improve the circulation of nutrients and oxygen leading to healthier and firmer skin. Plus, you release toxins when you sweat too. So go ahead and get moving … your skin will sparkle as a result!

4.     Eat Good, Look Good.

When you consume wholesome and nutritious foods, you will see it in your skin. Be sure to consume healthy fats, avoid a lot of sugar and try and eat more food with antioxidants.

5.     Live. Laugh. Wear Sunscreen.

Limit sun exposure and always (ALWAYS) wear sunscreen. Your mama might have told you this for years, but you know moms always know best.        

6.     Quality Cleansers for the Win!

When you start using a cleanser that truly draws out impurities and draws in hydration you will start to see naturally glowing skin and that has been my experience with Olay’s new Cleansing Infusions. Don’t skimp on your skincare products and switch to a cleanser that actually improves and cares for your skin. 


My Skincare Story

For me, everyday mom life and this pregnancy has taken a bit of a toll on my skin. I never really had skin complaints when I was pregnant with Harper. This time around has been really different. My skin has been more dull and dry; my skin tone was uneven and sometimes there was never enough concealer to make me feel better about the look of my skin. Since truly committing to the tips I shared earlier and since using Olay’s new cleansing infusions, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin’s radiance  … and finally starting to get that natural glow back.


I have to say I was instantly impressed by @Olay's new Cleansing Infusions. They are non-stripping cleansers that contain biorenewing hydrators that improve the skin’s condition as you wash, revealing your natural glow. There are two facial cleansers and two body washes in the collection; one with crushed ginger and citrus and the other with deep sea kelp and aloe extract. I personally love the Olay Micropolishing Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Glow Facial Cleanser with Crushed Ginger & Citrus Extract and the Olay Microscrubbing Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Glow Body Wash with Crushed Ginger. It actually contains exfoliators that break down as you wash, creating a micro-polishing effect that will reveal a smooth surface for healthier skin.

I’m sure a lot of you moms can also relate to wanting to achieve more hydrated and glowing skin. If so, click HERE to try Olay’s Cleansing Infusions. You will see a noticeable difference and your skin will thank you after!


Photography by: Leon Chai