The Evolution of No Tummy Mommy

Today is the 4-year “blogiversary” of No Tummy Mommy. I still remember buying the domain name and not exactly sure what I was going to do with it. In honour of its blogiversary, I thought I would share the short of the long story of how No Tummy Mommy came to be. 

Fun Fact:

I originally called my blog Harper’s Mommy and then changed it to Mother Dragon. Harper was born in 2012, which was the year of the Water Dragon. I ended up changing it again after a brainstorming session with my brother. He came up with the name No Tummy Mommy. We found it cute and catchy. It was November 2014 that ‘No Tummy Mommy’ was born.


In The Beginning

I started all of this because I truly enjoyed helping my mommy friends with fitness and nutrition tips. Plus, I have always had a love for fitness. During my mat leave with Harper, I got certified as a pre- and post-natal fitness trainer. I enjoyed creating customized plans for mothers who wanted to look and feel better after having a baby. Since I also had a certification in nutrition coaching, I would also help devise meal plans for mommy clients. I spent a lot of time personalizing a client’s workout based on what they were already doing or what they liked doing. For example, if someone was a gym goer, I would help create a gym routine or if someone preferred exercising at home, then I would provide them with a customized home workout regime. 

This type of one-on-one coaching was rewarding and I loved that I was part of a mother’s journey to feeling her happiest and healthiest self.  While I loved the coaching side of things, my true passion was writing. I continued to write my blog and share my motherhood stories and how health and fitness played a significant part in all of it. 

Pictured here is the 4-week progress update of one of my first NTM clients.

Pictured here is the 4-week progress update of one of my first NTM clients.

30-Day Challenges

After some time, I realized I wanted to spend more time writing, but didn’t want to give up the health coaching all together. It was then that I created the first No Tummy Mommy 30-Day Challenge. I launched these Challenges every season. Women could sign up before the first of the month and everyone in that particular program would start the 30-Day Challenge at the same time. It was a fun way to coach and still stay connected.

This was one of the original 30-Day NTM Challenges!

This was one of the original 30-Day NTM Challenges!

The 4-Week Kick-Start Challenge

While the 30-Day Challenges kept me busy I never stopped writing on the blog. I also loved that Harper enjoyed being part of the evolution of No Tummy Mommy. When we exercised together, she would happily let a friend video tape us. She would ham it up for the camera and never put up a fight to match with mommy. She was the best! 

I decided that it was time for a change in 2016 and discontinued the challenges and created the first-ever 4-Week Kick-Start Program. It is a standardized workout and nutrition routine that is meant to help a mother literally “KICK START” her fitness goals. It is still currently sold on my site here and includes a home workout routine that progresses in challenge, as well as a meal plan that includes recipes and food substitutions. What I love about the Kick-Start Program is that there are details included that allow a mother to continue her momentum even after the first 4 weeks are complete. I don’t promote the program as often as I should, but it truly is a great one that has helped so many women feel happier and healthier!

The Evolution Continues

A lot has evolved over the years while also juggling my full-time job (yes, I work a 9-5 outside of the blog); I began working with a lot of incredible brands that I love. I have been given the opportunity to partner with some really cool companies to share my honest opinion on products that I use myself. For the record, I will not agree to work with a brand if it is not a product or campaign I believe in. For that reason, I have said no to a lot of projects and campaigns because these things matter to me and I made a commitment to stay true to that. 

Collaborating with brands has given me the opportunity to continue to write on my blog, which is what I mentioned I’ve always loved doing. There have been some highs and lows, which I know comes with the territory. But I never forget how lucky I am to be doing this because it gives me a platform to share my story and an opportunity to connect with so many amazing individuals. Most importantly, I am so thankful that I can share all of this with my daughters and that we will have all these pictures and memories to look back on and admire. Harper has grown up witnessing me place my health as a top priority. It means a lot to me to be a good role model for her and her baby sister.

Thanks to all of you who have continued following along since the beginning. Honestly, some days I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and I’m learning as I go. That’s the fun part, right?

With the birth of baby Noa earlier this year, I knew it signified time for another change. I have been doing a lot of brainstorming and have big ideas in mind for 2019. I hope you can stick around to find out what’s in store! 


With love,

Trisha xo