A Healthy Family is a Happy Family

Good health and family are two of the most important things to me and they really do go hand in hand. In fact, they aren’t just two important things, but they are actually EVERYTHING!

A healthy lifestyle is a priority for my family and this goes beyond moving together. We definitely enjoy our regular family walks and occasionally we will even do an actual workout together. This is a big piece of the puzzle, but what we put in our bodies plays a significant role too. Moms always ask me what I do to help keep my entire family healthy and active with such a busy schedule, so this post is dedicated to just that!

Vitamins for family

Family Nutrition

My family definitely enjoys being in the kitchen. I admit, my husband is more of the cook in our household, but we all do our part. My mini does make a pretty good sous chef!

People often ask if I eat the same thing as the rest of my family or if I eat my own prepped meals separately. The answer is YES - I do eat the same meals as my family. I love that we can sit together at dinner and talk about our day. There is something very special about those moments.

And if you’re wondering what is usually on our plate, I can tell you for certain that our weekly menu almost always includes a roast chicken or a salmon dish. I feel lucky that my daughter isn’t a picky eater and she’s open to trying everything (most times). We do a lot of meal prep Sunday evenings, which usually includes making a pot of rice to last a few days, cutting up fruits and veggies so they’re ready to go for the week or making a hearty vegetable and chicken soup for the days ahead. I think getting the whole family involved in the preparation process is essential to building good eating habits for years to come.

What’s Up with the ‘Supps’?

Another question I get asked a lot about is supplementation, such as vitamins. As you know, I am a big believer in my family following a healthy diet in general, but I do also feel that there is a place for supplementation.  Of course, you should first always speak to your health care provider to assess whether you or your children are meeting the daily required nutrient intakes.

Right now you can find Vitafusion’s MultiVites Adult Gummy Vitamins and L’il Critters Gummy Vites in our cupboard. I should be up front and mention that we don’t use these gummies as an alternative to a healthy diet. These vitamins are simply a means to supplement my family’s current nutrition routine!


The truth is that although I believe my family follows a very healthy eating regimen, it can sometimes be challenging to meet our daily recommended nutrients through diet alone. The Vitafusion™  MultiVites™ Adult Gummy Vitamins are a complete multivitamin supplement designed to maintain good health; my husband takes them daily and he loves how they taste. With naturally sourced berry, lemon and orange flavours, these easy-to-take gummy vitamins are a perfect 'top-up' to help my hubby feel great and support optimal health. I never thought he would like the gummy format, but I was wrong! He’s also a big fan of Vitafusion’s Power C™ Adult Gummy Vitamins and Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins. Who doesn’t need a little extra sunshine vitamin in their life? Especially this time of the year, it can feel impossible to get enough sunlight to support sufficient production of Vitamin D!


I used to worry about my daughter getting all the nutrients she needs, but now I feel good about her taking L'il Critters™ GummyVites™. They are a complete multivitamin with flavours that are all naturally sourced. My daughter also loves that they come in fun bear shapes! Bottom line, these gummy vitamins help my mini get a boost in her diet to help maintain good health! To learn more about VitafusionTM products, visit www.gummyvites.ca.


A Family that Sweats Together, Stays Together!

As I mentioned earlier, we enjoy family walks and do our best to plan activities on the weekend that get us all moving. Some examples include swimming, skiing/snow boarding or hiking. Occasionally you will find us all doing a workout together or you will find me putting them through a sweat session! Getting active together is a unique bonding experience that I encourage all families to experience. My daughter also loves it when we are all working out together; often she thinks it’s a big dance party and it can get pretty silly! And even if it does end up being a family dance party, it’s still movement and that’s all that matters. 


Photography by: Leon Chai Photography

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